Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The iPhone nano is coming soon(er)?

I have been convinced from day one that the current iPhone will be a niche. After using one for a while, I am more convinced than ever... Too expensive, too slow, too closed. A fantastic device, do not get me wrong, but I am not giving up my Windows Mobile device with Funambol installed. I simply cannot live without push email and push calendar anymore. Or without a real keyboard. It looks to me like the same experience I had with Tivo and the DirecTV DVR. When you get spoiled, it is hard to go back. Even if the new device has more features and it is gorgeous. The basic is missing and I simply need it.

Now, if I am not switching to the iPhone (and I am a smartphone user), then who would? People that do not have an iPod and are planning to upgrade their dumbphone. What will suffer? The iPod sales numbers...

Yep, the iPhone will eat into the iPod market.

What can Apple do? Launch the iPhone nano as soon as possible... I wrote about it many times, this will be the killer device (and it would be a dream if Apple agreed with at&t only for the iPhone and they would made this completely unlocked...) but the rumors are now stronger. JP Morgan reported that it could happen even before Christmas. It is the only way for Apple to avoid iPod numbers to collapse...

Will it look like this?
Probably not, but it would be interesting to guess which features would they cut from the original to the nano. What would I cut? Let me try:
  1. Calendar -> only for geeks and if it is not synchronized, useless even for geeks...
  2. Stocks -> only for geeks with money (very small category)
  3. Calculator -> only for geeks that forgot how to divide numbers, due to excessive use of computers
  4. Notes -> who takes notes on a mobile device with a supercrippled keyboard??
  5. Clock -> believe me, you have another device on you that tells you what time it is...
  6. Weather -> well, this would be really nice to have but I am out of room... You'll have to use the browser for it, sorry.
What would you cut? What do you really need on a phone? Can you live without weather or would you rather sacrifice maps?