Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Richard Boly for President

Richard Boly is, in my opinion, the person that has done more for young Italian entrepreneurs than any Italian politician. He happens not to be Italian, just passing by. But he is leaving a mark that will last.

I found this interview on the web today, that describes his work pushing a US mentality in my native country. Something we desperately need and that I am trying to inject there every day (everyone must have a pet project and a long-term goal...).

Richard does everything with passion (including discussing with me about baseball, although we disagree on the best team) and he has been involved in almost any smart initiative in the last few years...

I am not sure if he wants to run for President here (the race seems a bit too tight), but I am definitely ready to support him if he runs for President in Italy (the race seems wide open).

He is just what Italy needs.