Saturday, August 09, 2008

T-Mobile going for an App Store

The iPhone might be closed, the App Store might prevent open source application to be distributed, Apple might be closing critical APIs like Calendar, but one thing is clear: it is forcing everyone else to open up :-)

The last confirmation comes from an article on the Washington Post about T-Mobile. Apparently, T-Mobile will launch an App Store this fall. They will ditch the on-deck strategy (about time, did they really need the iPhone to see it was not working??) and will go with an 'open' deck. Open might just means you will be able to upload applications without lobbying within the company, looking for someone to listen to you. But it will be a great step forward.

Thanks Apple, I have a hard time liking what you do but - despite doing most of the things wrong - you are doing something very good to this industry.