Sunday, November 16, 2008

Change we can't?

There is an article on The New York Times that talks about our new President-elect Barack Obama and his addiction to mobile email. He is the first candidate for president (worldwide, I have to say) that was going around always with a BlackBerry in his hands. A tremendous slogan for those who live on mobile email :-)

Now, the security services are saying that he has to relinquish his BlackBerry when entering the White House. No more mobile email for him. BlackBerry is not secure enough.

I have seen this debate before: BlackBerry can't be used by politicians in office. Period. All emails go through RIM servers in Canada. As much as they tell us it is all secure and encrypted, they are a corporation and no government in its right mind would trust them. You just never know. And they are our competitors!! :-))

Jokes apart, how can our next President keep in touch with the rest of the world? How can he have a reliable secure controlled untouchable mobile email system that nobody can hack?

Ok, you know where I am going... Open Source. Open Source is the answer.

First, you install Funambol in the White House (not in a corporation).

Second, you have a bunch of engineers look at every single line of code to make sure those evil Italians did not put any dangerous code to steal vital information: look for
if (user == "Barack Obama") send_email_to("Silvio Berlusconi")
Third, once the code is certified clean, apply your super secret security patch and you are good to go.

As a device to carry, may I suggest OpenMoko? Fully open source, including the device and its design.

Barack, we want you back in the mobile email world as an ambassador for mobile email in the world. You need it. You are addicted to it. You can't live without it. We gain from it.

Dump your BlackBerry, go for Open Source. You can have mobile email in the White House, yes you can.