Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Momentum momentum momentum

You keep working and working. You keep signing customers. You keep working and working. You get them live. After they go live, their user base starts growing fast. You are happy.

What do you do next?

You tell the world you did it, so you won't celebrate alone :-)

In technical terms, it is called a momentum release. In layman terms, it is a "hey, look at us, we are growing like crazy! Join the fray...".

So, here it is our momentum release of today, focused on the non-carrier world:
Funambol Open Source Cloud Sync and Push Email Powers Innovative Mobile Services for Tens of Millions of Users
Includes smart self-updating address book, free unlimited text messaging, free national directory, virtual digital content organizer and next-gen voice services
Who are these companies? Some are shy and did not give us permission to use their name (and, as always, they are the largest deployments ;-) :
  • a smart self-updating address book with 13 million users
  • free unlimited text messages to any mobile phone; mjoy by Venista, www.mjoy.com
  • free integrated national address book; tacty by telegate:118000, www.tacty.com
  • next-gen telephony for consumers and businesses, JAJAH www.jajah.com
  • virtual digital content organizer, ZangbeZang by Key Criteria, www.zangbezang.com
  • leading digital phone service provider with millions of subscribers
  • best-selling customer management solution with millions of users
  • innovative internet services provider, Solcon by Qaleido, www.qaleido.com
  • email hosting provider for businesses and resellers, www.fusemail.com
Feel free to check them out. They do have an amazing product... And we are happy.