Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iCloud is sticky, even before birth

I was reading an interesting analysis today. It is a survey on smartphones, customer satisfaction and the like. The last part talks about iCloud and its effect on users. Let me copy it here for the link-clicking-averse:
The survey found that 29% of Apple’s existing company were “More Likely” to buy Apple products in the future because of iCloud, a service that was announced only a month ago and has yet to be entirely rolled out.
Even more interestingly, 13% of those who do NOT own an Apple device were also “More Likely” to buy an Apple product in the future because of the service.
I always say that a Personal Cloud service is sticky. Your life is in it. The more you use it, the more difficult it gets for you to leave. A few months in, you are stuck forever.

Here, though, we are talking about a service which does not even exist. Sticky before birth.

It is funny, but once again a proof of the power of Apple marketing. They make you desire things that do not exist yet. I will never stop thanking Steve Jobs: he made people understand what a smartphone can do, why you need an App Store, now he is explaining what the a cloud synchronization service will do. It benefits everyone in the industry.