Friday, January 04, 2013

57 minutes and why the second screen is a big deal

Today is a great day for TOK Football can be downloaded from the App Store, worldwide. It is our second second screen app, after TOK Baseball. It allows you to talk to your friends while you watch the NFL postseason. We are very excited about it.


Because one number hit us about our experience with TOK Baseball: people have used the app, on average, for 57 minutes per game.

57 minutes, with our app open, in front of a TV. On average (a lot of folks had it open for three hours...).

It is a huge number. Consider that the average time spent on a mobile app is 71 seconds...

If you stop and think about it, it makes sense. A second screen app is technically a mobile app, but it is used in a static environment. On your couch. In front of your TV. It is not really a mobile app, even if it is enjoyed on a mobile device.

That changes everything.

When you are on your couch, you are relaxed, in a passive state. An advertiser can hit you with a commercial for 30 seconds, and you are going to watch it. Yes, I know, people want to change channel during commercials, but they rarely do. In particular, during a sport event (what if I come back late and I miss the touchdown?).

With a second screen on your lap, when someone or something gets your attention, you transform from passive to active. You jump on your device and act. Anybody with an iPad knows what I am talking about. During a game, a news event, a movie, anything. They say something you are interested to know more about, and you are on your iPad searching.

The same is going to happen with advertising. You see something interesting on TV, the app in front of you will pulse so you can act on it.

Act means also transact. Synchronized ads between TV and the second screen represent the future of advertising. It is a multi-billion dollar market.

If you think about the ad model of the Internet, it is all based on transactions. Done with a mouse, in a working state of mind. When you are relaxed and on the couch, you are in a better mood to spend. Advertiser will catch you off guard. It is even better than traditional online advertising. Then, you add a TV on top.

The second screen merges the ad model of TV (brand advertising) with the ad model of the Internet (transactional advertising). It is such a powerful tool, that it is scary...

You have it bundled in the perfect state of mind (on your couch) with the most intuitive device on the planet (a tablet, with a touch screen).

A second screen app is a mobile app with hormones.

Ok, not every second screen app will lock you in for 57 minutes (we have our special sauce, linked to the social nature of our voice-enabled platform), but for those who achieve what we have, it is going to be huge. We offer a full meal, not just a bite. It is fun, and social, and you have no reason to leave.

Second screen is already a top trend for 2013 (#1 for Mashable, and many others) and it is growing faster than anything I have seen in my career. If history tells me something, it is that new trends grow faster than the ones which came before. I expect an unprecedented growth.

For now, enjoy a talk with your friends during the NFL postseason. You know, you watch the SuperBowl for the commercials. Now you can talk with your friends about it, without waiting for the day after. One day, you'll be able to act on it ;-)

57 minutes. Second screen is a new paradigm, with the most powerful business model attached to it. That is why it is a big deal.