Monday, February 04, 2013

About drinking (and defense) during the Super Bowl

During the Super Bowl yesterday, we had an explosion of downloads and users for TOK Football.

The systems responded very well, and I was pleased with the way we set up the app infrastructure. The app worked flawlessly, with peaks during the lights-out moment, and the only thing that actually suffered was the web site, which is funny (and a lesson learned for the future)...

I do not really remember the result of the game (ehm), so I decided to do a check of some stats to figure it out.

What I found is the chart below.

What the chart shows is how many times the users clicked on a particular noise in the app. 

The focus is on two noises: burp (you might imagine what the sound is) and defense (which is the D# chant).

I plotted them over time, from the Wild Card to the Super Bowl.

What I found out is that DEFENSE was less and less a concern. Apparently, during the Wild Card, offense does not count much, while in the Super Bowl it is all that matters (and the MVP is usually a quarterback).

What is interesting is that BURP grew over time. That tells me people do not drink much during the Wild Card, but they go nuts as games progress. I am not sure if it is due to celebrations or to forget the result of the game.

For me, it was definitely the latter...