Sunday, August 31, 2014

It is a world record! 10,000 Social Selfies in one day

There you are on your couch, watching your team on TV and talking to your friends with our apps. Your favorite player scores that goal you were hoping for and it is an explosion of emotion, a great moment that you lived with your friends, a unique one.

But... how can you make that emotion last forever and recall it whenever you want?

When we created the Social Selfie we wanted to frame emotions, we wanted to hear sports’ fans telling their friends: “Hey, did you remember when we won the League? Here is the Social Selfie we took on Juventus Live…look how excited we were!”

Social Selfies make your passion live forever.

We launched it with our first app, TOK Baseball. Then we included in the first version of Juventus Live, the official app of Juventus FC. Users really liked it, and we started to see a bunch of selfies on Facebook. Then we added the ability to share on Twitter and the numbers started going up.


However, we felt we could do better. A match is made by different moments and, if you really want to make them unforgettable, you need to have a dynamic background. We had a static background, the same for all selfies.

Therefore, we created a special edition when the Juventus won its third consecutive title as Italian champion. Our users loved it. By the end of the season, they shared more then 80.000 Social Selfies, many of which were represented by the special #JuveX3 Social Selfie.

  2014-05-04 17.37.46

The Social Selfie was not a feature anymore. It was at the heart of our apps.

That is why we decided to test dynamic backgrounds during the World Cup, with our 12 vertical apps. The idea was to capture the moment, the goal that will accompany the memory forever. People from all over the world showed its support to national teams and filed their social streams with our Social Selfies. Their emotions. And ours too, since we made it possible.

  foto 1
With Juventus Live 2.0, the dynamic Social Selfie made its official debut and it set a record.

Our users yesterday took more than 10.000 Social Selfies, which means more than 10.000 hearts showing their passion for Juventus from all over the world. Some alone, some socially. For us, it is an all-time record ;-)

Game after game, we will keep giving our users dynamic backgrounds, making emotion-framing our objective.



But there is more to come. Stay tuned. Stay Social (Selfie) and keep sharing your passion with friends!