Sunday, April 02, 2006

LinuxWorld: mobile is here!

There is a new thing at LinuxWorld in Boston: mobile. It took us a little bit, but open source finally hit mobile. Big time. And LinuxWorld is recognizing it.

So much that one of the four tracks this year is Mobile and Embedded Linux. The big guys are here to talk about mobile Linux: Motorola will speak, Nokia will speak. Montavista and PalmSource (yep, they are open source buddies now) will also speak. Mobile Linux is really hot.

Funny enough, I am the only guy speaking about mobile applications and not the OS. Great to see we are ahead of the pack. I am not sure why they put my speech to open the track, before anybody else, but I take it as a compliment.

If you are in Boston next week, "It's Not Rocket Science: Open Source Makes Mobile Email Real" is at 10:15 am on Tuesday. I'll be landing on Monday night, be around all day on Tuesday to then fly to Vegas for CTIA. Give me a buzz if you are around and want to talk.