Saturday, April 15, 2006

We are half a way there...

I spent a few days in Deer Valley, near Park City (Utah). Amazing spring skiing. For someone who grew up in the Alps, fifteen minutes to the slopes, it feels weird to take a flight to go skiing. But it was worth it.

Anyway, I paid half of my bet. I skied with the crappy Arsenal jearsey for three days in a row. So many people made fun of me... Even Kenny G, who told me "next time bet that you won't have an haircut forever, and you'll end up like me". Matt showed up only for lunch and not skiing, claiming he had three kids sick, while in reality he was busy preparing the sunscreen to leave for Costarica.

Anyway, with respect to the bet I lost, I am half a way there (as Rony uses to say). I'll have to deliver the Funambol server to Alfresco, but I will wait for the Enterprise version of v3, due in the next few weeks.

Small question for my US friends: why do Americans only use green, blue and black to label runs? In Europe we have also red, which means quite difficult (but not black). Instead, here they have blue with two squares... Was red not politically correct and they decided not to import it?