Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tales from a user

I was browsing around sites and I found one comment titled "How to do over the air sync with your own server" that matches nicely my stance on ActiveSync and Microsoft. I thought you might enjoy it ;-)
Thanks to someone here, I took a look at funambol (an open source SyncML server with associated client plugins for Outlook, Smartphones etc).

I have to say that so far it RULES. I am going to delete active sync from my machines. Ding-dong the witch is dead !

Funambol just works (except for encryption, presumably a bug
in the version I'm using). It syncs notes, tasks, contacts and
calendar over TCP/IP. It will use either WiFi or CDMA on the
VX6700. You install a server (I have it on our linux mail server),
and clients for all your devices (I use two PCs with outlook,
an iPAQ PDA and the XV6700). Each client pushes and pulls
its changes to the server. They all stay in sync, all done over
the network.

This is exactly the product that Microsoft should have made
but did not. Activesync is the spawn of the devil by comparison.

This makes the VX6700 so much nicer to use because I can
keep it my pocket at all times (never forget it when I go
to a meeting, plugged into the cradle). But yet it can keep in