Thursday, November 02, 2006

It is raining...

Today it is raining in Silicon Valley. For us living here, it is a major disappointment. We pay very high rents to stay here. We pay for the sun. When it rains, I just want my money back.

On a different note, we won another award today. It is raining awards, lately, but these are not disappointing. In particular, I like this one a lot. It is the Editor's Choice 2006, by the Linux Journal. The category is "Mobile Device".
Funambol isn't actually a mobile device, but we chose to give it the Editors' Choice if for no other reason than to avoid plugging the Nokia 770 yet again. Funambol is an open-source SyncML server that acts as a middleware between groupware servers and mobile devices. It supports the most popular PDAs and commodity mobile phones. It's great, and the community is finally coming up with a solution that rivals the best commercial competition.
What amazes me is the list of the other products there: Firefox, OpenOffice, Asterisk, Apache, Eclipse, Ubuntu, Postgres, Ruby, Quake (that's my favorite)... Not bad. I am starting to believe we are onto something here... Let the rain continue!