Thursday, January 31, 2008

Android on Dell?

Today a news crossed my screen and caught my attention. The rumor that Dell and Google are working together to release an Android-based smartphone, to be announced at the MWC (a.k.a. 3GSM, as it will be called for another five years by us lazy people).

The announcement would be very cool.

Dell is clearly looking to re-invent itself, or at least find some growth somewhere. The mobile market might be it. Having a big device hit would drive a lot of revenues, and create some buzz around the brand (which is stale).

Google is clearly looking for some device manufacturers that can support its operating system. When the incumbents do not support you, you have to find someone else, which is eager to become relevant in a new space. Dell would be a good match.

When I shared the rumor today, someone asked me "with which carrier?".

Great question, but a 2007 one...

I would bet it would be with no carrier. An open phone. Actually two, one CDMA (that would work on the new Verizon open network) and one GSM (that would work on at&t and Tmobile). Just buy a SIM or walk into a Verizon store and you are activated, ready to go. Open phone, open network.

It would be really cool.

The issue is believing that Dell can create a cool phone, but... who knows? It might happen. Santa is a real person which is hiding somewhere, I believe.