Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MacWorld: blink

So, today is the big day of MacWorld. Jobs keynote. The magician at work.

Few things announced:
  1. an ultraportable laptop called MacBook Air, very cool looking
  2. an upgrade to the iPhone, called 1.1.3, that adds few new feature to maps (same we already have on other devices), web pages as mobile widgets on a customizable home page (features already available in the jailbroken iPhone, since months), group SMS (yawn)
  3. an upgrade to the iPod Touch, adding all the apps that iPhone has always had and iPod Touch was missing (that makes it now equal to the iPhone) at $20
  4. online movie rental (made easy)
  5. an upgrade to Apple TV (a device I was not too enthusiastic about, when it was released...)
  6. a wireless backup unit (boring but quite useful)
  1. Apple is leaking like a sieve. This is the first MacWorld ever with no surprises. The iPhone 1.1.3 was announced on blogs, with video, three weeks ago. Totally accurate
  2. The MacBook Air looks awesome. I want one. They solved my issue of the right click of the mouse (the trackpad multitouch is a very cool thing), but added yet-another-dongle to carry on: the damn thing is missing the Ethernet port... I mean, go give a presentation and pray they have free wireless. No chance. I will need two VGA dongles and two Ethernet dongles. Mmhh, maybe I won't buy it after all. We'll see
  3. The wiggling of the iPhone icons on the customizable home page is absolute genius. I want to hug the Apple designer who thought about it
  4. The 20 bucks for the software upgrade of the iPod Touch is a very bad sign for all of us that are getting used to free firmware updates. Say good bye to it. The iPhone 2.0 software upgrade is going to cost dollars. Like I could install it on my brick...