Friday, February 01, 2008

Funambol representing Silicon Valley

Although many people link Funambol with Italy, I have been living in the Valley for almost nine years and I call this place home (despite the current stinking weather... I am so looking forward to flying to Barcelona next week ;-)

Depending on how you look at it, Funambol is a Silicon Valley company with offshore development in Italy, or an Italian company with an offshore headquarter in the US (we do strategy, marketing, product management, biz dev, sales and operations here). Technically, the first is more close to reality...

It is also official: Funambol has been nominated to represent Silicon Valley at the Mobile Monday Peer Award in Barcelona, during the Mobile World Congress.

Now the goal is to beat them all and show why Silicon Valley is best, in particular if you combine it with Italy ;-)

Below is the list of all the nominations. Check them out, some are very cool startups. One has been founded by Funambolist (ViiF, out of Berlin), so I have two horses in the race ;-)