Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The iPhone SDK is coming with ActiveSync

So, we finally have a date: March 6th. The iPhone will have an open SDK and a new era in mobile development will start.

Actually, Apple said that they will talk about the roadmap on March 6th, at a town-hall event, not that they will release the code (or the tools to get apps certified and on the phone). However, being late already (Steve Jobs said "end of February" last time he talked about it), I would be extremely surprised if they do not release the SDK...

I am curious to see how many hoops they will force developers to go through, to get the apps certified. And if you will be able to install them only via iTunes on the PC or also over-the-air (they now have OTA iTunes, so it should be a no brainer...).

The interesting twist is that they also announced "some exciting new enterprise features" at the same event.

What can that be? May I bet?

Mobile email with Exchange. With Microsoft ActiveSync support native on the iPhone.

The interesting thing will be to see how they manage the battery issue. The iPhone is not great at that and ActiveSync is meant for sucking your battery dry. Oh well, Apple will always be able to blame Microsoft for that ;-)