Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MobileMe: what device manufacturer can do

I found a very interesting post today about what Nokia can do to stand up against the iPhone. Andrew is sending a strong message to Nokia: "wake up or else...". I like the part when he talks about recognizing the Killer App in Software and Services and the mistakes Apple is making (e.g. offering only .mac email access in MobileMe):
Ever since my days with a Danger hiptop I’ve been seeking what I call PIM 2.0, a consumer-friendly version of Microsoft Exchange that works with SyncML. Apple thinks they’ve got it with MobileMe but they’re way off the mark — it costs far too much and supports but a single email address under their own domain.

This is your chance, Nokia, to offer up something better. But here’s the deal:

1. It has to be free.
2. It has to support multiple POP mail accounts from other domains — bonus points if you can include popular webmail clients like GMail, Hotmail, etc.
3. It must also include a Nokia-branded email account — something like “” would do nicely. This way lots of people get to see your brand name in their inbox. Clever, eh?
4. It has to launch soon, so it can steal some of the iPhone’s thunder — putting it out there with your new E66 and E71 would be particularly appropriate, assuming your July drop dates are on track.
5. It has to work on all S60 handsets!
Agreed. Every device manufacturer should be thinking about it, in my opinion. Man, I love how hot this space has become :-))

BTW, if you are a device manufacturer out there looking for an answer to MobileMe, I believe we have a product ready to go for you. And we can host it for you so you can be up and running in days.
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