Monday, February 09, 2009

The day mobile cloud syncing went mainstream

Today Google has put the stamp on the success of mobile cloud syncing. They extended their Google Sync product (which supported only BlackBerry devices up to now), to a lot more devices. Half with SyncML, the other half with ActiveSync (licensed from the enemy, Microsoft, which is big news by itself).

It is a big day for cloud syncing. The 800-pound gorilla has made his move. A day after Microsoft announced My Phone, which does pretty much the same (of MobileMe...). It makes 1,600 pounds of gorilla on cloud syncing over a weekend...

For those who thought cloud syncing would become a world-wide mass phenomenon (yep, I am now referring to myself as "those"), the last two days have been spectacular. I mean, SyncML pushed by Google means a ton of more SyncML users. Syncing pushed by Microsoft means a lot of people getting familiar with the concept. It will generate even more demand. It will make syncing truly mass market.

It is so great to see the rest of the world catching up.

Now, if you are one of those trying to add cloud sync to your strategy, today is the day of no-return. The big guys have made a move, it is now or never.

If you are a device manufacturer, you have to move NOW.
If you are a mobile operator, you have to move NOW.
If you are an operating system vendor, you have to move NOW.
If you are a portal, you have to move NOW.
If you are a service provider, you have to move NOW.

I know this looks like a marketing pitch for Funambol and our up-and-coming Mobile World Congress demo of our MobileWe-OurPhone-NotOnlyGoogleSync, and it probably is :-)) But I could not dream for a launchpad coming from Google and Microsoft... This is way too much.

It is happening now (jump). It is happening now (jump jump). It is happening now (jump jump jump). Very difficult to contain myself, I know. But I am trying hard...