Friday, February 13, 2009

Funambol Fabrizio Barcelona

So the times has come, MWC is next week. The big show of the year. Finally: I am flying out tomorrow.

Things have been heating up a lot lately, sign of a pretty good show coming. We will be in booth #1J46 in Hall 1 (same spot as last year, with the nice couches to rest your tired feet). We'll be showing off our new "MobileWE" Funambol v8 portal, which is awesome. Preview below.

If the portal is not enough (it should), we'll also have espresso on site. And if you are very nice to us, you might actually also get a Funambol Espresso Cup, which is very cool.

We had already some leaks of a bunch of announcements we are going to make (yes, we are not that good at keeping secrets in open source...). One is with a la Mobile about Android. They have been working very hard to build an Android distro with our sync engine integrated, doing pictures, videos, music sync and more. There will be a demo at our booth with people from a la Mobile, so do not miss it. The other leaked announcement is with Phoenix Technologies, yes the public company which brings you the BIOS of your PC every time you boot it. They have extended their BeInSync product to mobile, which is a big market as you know ;-)

I was invited to speak - for the first time (sign of the times, for mobile open source!) - so I will be talking about "Exploring the impact of open source on relationships across the mobile value chain" in the "Mobilising Open Source session" Wednesday afternoon.

Apart from being around the booth with a million appointments in my calendar, many overlapping (trick learned from the airline industry: always overbook yourself at 3GSM because people do not show up or are late, then you'll manage with espresso cups :-)) I am planning to attend a bunch of events. If you are going to be at Mobile Sunday, the LiMo event and Mobile Monday Awards on Monday, the Access, Jefferies, Sun parties on Tuesday, the Nexit/Nokia dinner of Wednesday... look around because I might be there as well.

See you next week. It is going to be fun. I will try to report live daily from the show, as I did for the last few years. No promises, though.