Friday, April 25, 2008

AGPL for Ubuntu

Thanks to Matt, I found this article on the Register about Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical's chief executive. He has said AGPL is "a strong candidate" for the eventual open source release of Launchpad, Canonical's developer collaboration tool.

This would be a very nice push for AGPL. We need some brand (yep, Ubuntu is a brand, all developers know about it) pushing the license forward. Clearly, having Google behind it would be even better, but it is not happening (yet).

Let me try this: Chris (DiBona), can we agree on a number of AGPL projects in the Palamida Watch List to pass your "popular" bar? When is a license considered popular enough to be included in Google Code? Can we say 200 projects (we are at 68, up 20% since last week)?

Overall, I am already happy Mark
Shuttleworth knows about AGPL. It means I made enough noise ;-) Let me hope he goes for it now....

More famous Mark, I am working hard, as you can see...