Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are you an agile funambulist?

Our team in Pavia (Italy) is looking for an Agile Project Manager. It is a very cool job for someone who knows how to walk on a tight-rope and play foosball, all being very agile. We have been doing Agile Programming and SCRUM for a while now, and I have a feeling we are not going back to the old way...

Check if you have what it takes:
This position fills a key role in the company by establishing and managing an agile software development process.

Education and Experience
Various degrees of education and experience will be considered provided the applicant's experience demonstrates the following requirements:
* Bachelor of Computer Science or Engineering degree
* or more years experience in project management of coplex projects
* Excellent communication, fact discovery, and follow through skills.
* Experience in a commercial software development firm
* Experience with open source software
* Demonstrated leadership and implementation of company-wide initiatives, in particular with regard to the software development process
* Experience with managing releases for multiple titles on multiple concurrent platforms

* Collecting input from engineering on feature implementations and development time
* Creating and maintaining the agile software development process.
* Reporting back project milestones to head of engineering and product management
* Identifying engineering issues that impact development and work with core product team (Product Management, Engineering, Quality Assurance) to resolve those issues.
* Providing feedback on development milestones
* Skills/Abilities/Knowledge/Personal Suitability
* Excellent understanding of the software development process (Tools and Techniques) , in particular agile development processes
* Solid understanding of SCRUM
* Solid understanding of Open Source Software Development
* Good Understanding of Software Quality Assurance Practices
* Basic Programming Knowledge (OOP, C++, Automation Scripting)
* Highly Focused on Continuous Improvement
* Able to work in and with a remoted team
If you feel you are the right candidate, please send us your resume at