Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Apple and the missing Task

One feature that is incredibly missing in the iPhone is Tasks. Every person I know has a task list. Most of us think about a task while they are on the move and need to write it down, or they will forget it (hey, it can't be only me, despite me getting older by the hour...).

Kincy just forwarded me a call to the WWDC conference, the Apple developer conference coming up in June.

The image on the ad is the following:

Now, what this shows is the Notes application of the iPhone used to add a Task...

You can read this in two ways:
  1. The person who prepared the ad tried to find the Task application on the iPhone. Since it was not there, s/he decided to use Notes instead. Who cares about usability? This is Apple after all...
  2. Apple is desperately in need of a developer who will write a Task application for the iPhone. The ad is a teaser for developers: "we left Tasks out so you can show the world how smart you are, come and develop it"
Either way, it is a smart ad...