Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mossberg on G1

Uncle Walt has a very interesting review of the G1. It is hard to disagree with him, most of the time. No exceptions here.

One comment sounded quite interesting to me (I am biased):

A second big feature, or limitation, of the G1 - depending on your point of view - is that it is tightly tied to Google's web-based email, contacts and calendar programs. In fact, you must have a Google (GOOG) account to use the phone, and can only synchronize the phone's calendar and address book with Google online services. Unlike the iPhone, it doesn't work with Microsoft Exchange, and it can't physically be synced with a PC-based calendar or contacts program, like Microsoft Outlook.

So, if your world already revolves around Google services, you may find that the G1 fits like a glove. If not, you may be disappointed.

I guess we have got another strong point for MobileWe ;-) The rest of us might actually use something else than Google (horror, is anyone doing it??).