Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tmobile G1 and business? No way

So... Tmobile releases the G1 Evil phone (compare it to the Jesus phone from Apple...). Everyone looks at it and thinks "ugly!" but it has one feature that attracts a subsegment (those that do not care about the looks): the keyboard. It has a keyboard! Not like the iPhone! So who is supposed to buy a phone that has a keyboard? People that do email: business people (yep, those that do not care about the looks, consumers do). The G1 is an attack to the BlackBerry market, some say... Not for consumers.


I tried to buy it last night. I called Tmobile and they told me: "sir, you need to login to your account and buy it online". Fine. I can use a browser. I went online, logged in with our Funambol account and there was no way to buy the G1 (I actually wanted two, because I like to show off). So I called back and they said: "strange, it should be there, sir".

Then I thought "mmmh, let me try again with my personal account" (yes, I DO have a personal account with Tmobile, incredible as it sounds). Bingo, the box to buy the G1 was there. So I thought "mmmh, maybe I did not look in the right place". I tried again with the Funambol account and it was not there. Being a geek, I copied the URL from the personal account and tried to go in with the business account.

The message: "Sorry, you can't buy the phone with this account".

So I called back and I asked Tmobile: "do you allow business accounts to buy G1 or is it only for consumers?".

The answer: "I am not sure, sir, let me check". Five minutes after: "yep, we do not sell it to business accounts, but do not worry because we have plenty for the launch on October 22nd: we are selling now only black and brown, holding back all the white ones for the 22nd".

My comment: "Actually, consumers want cool white. Business want boring black and brown".

The answer was apologetic. We had a laugh and now I do not have a G1 waiting for me. But I found out it is a consumer device, not a business device. With the wrong specs. And the wrong color. At least the operating system is open source...