Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Windows Mobile will be open source

I know I am the only one on the planet to believe this. But I am sure it will happen. Windows Mobile will go open source, one day. It is the only smart move for Microsoft, in a market where nobody is going to make a dime (neither Google with Android, nor Nokia with Symbian).

Still, Microsoft signaled the exact opposite today ;-) They said they will stick with licensing Windows Mobile. The reasons from Ballmer?

"We do," Ballmer told Reuters, when asked whether his firm would stick with licensing fees. "We are doing well, we believe in the value of what we are doing."

Until Symbian and Android really go live and kick our ass (then we'll be open source as well ;-)

"It's interesting to ask why would Google or Nokia, Google in particular, why would they invest a lot of money and try to do a really good job if they make no money. I think most operators and telecom companies are skeptical about Google," he said.

I guess I heard this FUD before on open source. It might work for Android (maybe) but not with Symbian... They have no story around Symbian.

"Handset makers are skeptical of Nokia, operators are skeptical of Google, I think by actually charging money people know exactly what our motivations are," Ballmer said.

This is the best one, again one already heard on open source. Device manufacturers prefer to spend money than having something for free in a very competitive environment. Who knows what is in that open source operating system?? You cannot trust open source. Too bad, it does not work when you have giants like Nokia or Google behind it.

Believe me. Microsoft will make Windows Mobile open source one day. And they will stop charging for it. I am counting the days (and I will probably get too old to see this happening, so who cares? ;-)