Friday, January 23, 2009

Barack keeps his BlackBerry

Watching Obama inauguration has been inspirational.

Here is a guy who is swearing in front of a gazillion people and he simply screws it up (ok, I know, it was not his fault, but... they had to re-do it again a day after... and it was not a long statement to remember, whatever Chief Justice says). Then he goes down the stairs and tries to shake hands with a marine who is saluting him (ooops, he was not ready).

I mean, it makes you feel you can screw up a little, even if you are the CEO. And life goes on. And people still believe you are going to change the world. Inspirational.

But as a CEO, you have to stood on some principles as well. You can't hope for bailout every day.

The most important principle: keep you mobile push email going (ok, ok, it is just for Barack and me, but now you can see the inspiration flowing).

He did not flip-flop on the issue: he fought hard and he kept his BlackBerry. He might give up nicotine addiction, but not push email addiction. How good a message is this for our market? Inspirational.

The BlackBerry Force One (what a gift to the Canadian brand, BTW) is going to be equipped with extra super duper security, including I guess someone who is going to look at it - just in case it drops while he is jogging.

I still would have preferred him to use an open source product, since he has been talking about OSS a lot (Scott McNealy of Sun has been tasked to provide him with a white paper on open source). I am told there are some very good mobile email open source products, where your communications do not have to go through Canada, and where applying the super duper security patch is a whiff (and you can see the source code)...

That would have been inspirational a bit too much.