Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Calling all Italian designers

As you might know, the Funambol R&D center is headquartered in Italy. We have developers everywhere on the planet, but the core comes from the land of fashion, haute couture, furniture, glasses and so on. The land of design. The Made-in-Italy.

I always say that Italian software ends up being good because of this. Software is creativity and Italians have it in their DNA. Pretty simple. Italian software designers are top notch.

That said, when you look at Funambol there is a component that is made in California: the GUI, the graphical elements, the look&feel. Strangely enough, we have designed the stuff here from day one, while it has been always engineered in Italy.

That bothers me a bit (although our designers here are top of the world). Sometimes, it feels like Apple and the iPod. Designed in California, made in Italy :-) It is a bit insane, looking at how many foreigners come to Milan to learn at Italian design schools...

I would like to change this and make Funambol a fully designed in Italy product (and web site). Made in Italy, all the way.

Therefore, I am calling all Italian designers to send me their portfolio. We are looking at freelancers and we'll go for a quick competition to see whom to work with. Our VP Product Management will be in Italy in a week or so and can meet the people that pass the first cut in person as well.

If you are interested in applying, please send an email to jobs at funambol.com. Below you find the job description.

We are looking for a talented designer who always has the user in mind and can build beautiful and functional user interfaces for software applications ranging from advanced browser-based applications to mobile client software.

- A proven track record of user interface and software interaction design for web-based applications, online services and other user-facing software applications on desktops or mobile handsets.
- A history of working closely with product management and engineering during all phases of design and production
- A passion for users and exceptional attention to detail

- Detailed design of application/screen mockups in Photoshop or similar application including icon/graphics design to explore various possible design directions and look-and-feel options
- A functional prototype of the designed application implemented in HTML/CSS/JS for cross-browser use and testing of the software interaction
- Close collaboration with engineering to implement and integrate the designs/prototypes into an existing or new web/AJAX or client application framework
- Design and delivery of application icons in various formats and styles for client software running on desktops or mobile handsets
- Design and delivery of graphical elements for various client or web-based applications
- Design of various client software application screens and interactions