Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Mobile Geek's Sync Utopia

I found a post on a blog that I really liked today. It is from one of the people that are using Funambol. What makes me proud is that I know there are tons out there doing the same (BTW, this is a small marketing gem: we have over 12,000 Funambol live server right now. That's huge).

Anyway, Guy Cross writes:

Funambol helps me by syncing:

  • notes I make on books between my PDA, netbook and desktop PC
  • clips I take from websites or resources like Wikipedia between all my devices
  • to-do items on my PDA that I enter as I think about them, letting me see them on my desktop/netbook when get I to my home/office (where I am more likely to be able to action them, but need a gentle reminder)
  • email between all my devices, even my cellphone - which means I can use my cell's data plan if I am outside of a wifi area.

Having my contacts up to date on all of my devices really lets me use my commute to communicate and on whichever of my devices is most appropriate, if I am on a busy train I can use my PDA to email, but if I have more room my netbook is up to date and synced with all of my address books (in reality since starting to use Funambol I only have one address book!, The Funambol contacts list is as comprehensive as any PIM I have used). The setup was a complete no-brainer, just installing the appropriate program for each of my devices (cellphone, PDA) and an extension for Mozilla Thunderbird/Lightening, from there the setup was guided by simple wizard style helper programs, perfect for the non-techie geek that I am.

These are the things that make my day and convince me even more that open source is the way to go.