Monday, May 14, 2007

Funambol v6 is GA (General Availability)

Getting software to GA or General Availability (that is, all features completed, no major bugs) feels always very good.

During the weekend, Funambol Community Edition v6 got the stamp. The stable release is now out and we are suggesting all our users to migrate to it (not very hard, since the clients are backward compatible, so are the connectors). Exciting stuff.

You can download it at the Funambol Open Source Download page.

Great effort from the Funambol DEV/QA/PM teams (about 40 people) in conjunction with our wonderful community (thousands and thousands, considering we just passed 1,000,000 downloads). I am very proud of you guys.

Lots of people are asking me "Why v6? Wasn't your last release v3? What happened to v4 and v5?". The answer is that Sync4j started in 2001 as a server-only component. The server evolved during the years. When we began adding clients components and we created bundles, we bundled them as v1, v2 and v3. In the meantime, the server kept evolving and we ended up having a v3 bundle with a 5.x server... That created some confusion, so to clean up the mess we had to bump everything up to the server level. Here you are. I promise the next release will be v7, not v9. Although we could start calling it Vista or 2007 or who knows? ;-)