Thursday, May 03, 2007

The world championship of funambolism

When it comes to sports, I am a fan of pretty much everything. Soccer, baseball, American football, tennis, ski... Even some bizarre sports. For example, funambolism, also known as tight rope walking or high wire walking. The name of my company and the logo might have given you some hints about this ;-)

Korea is hosting this week the World High Wire Championships. People walking on a rope, crossing the Han river (that's about a kilometer...). The Washington Post ran an article about the competition.

The fastest guy so far finished it in 11 minutes (Chinese). The American did it in 17 minutes. Some fell, like the Russian, jumping in the river fifty meters to the end. I am not sure if there is an Italian, but I bet s/he would do well :-)

Funambolism is the art of commercial open source. I believe we should organize a local competition between CEOs of commercial OS companies, crossing the San Francisquito Creek, and see who's best at it. I am the mobile guy. I should make it even wireless...

Anybody out there willing to accept the challenge?